Video Sources Syria

For the Red Cross and US Congress I put a list of video sources together – all uploaded on YouTube on August 21, the day the alleged chemical attacked happened in the suburbs of Damascus, Syria. The list includes upload time (UTC), youtube URL and original source. And YES this list had to be an excel sheet, no links wanted … ready for print out that what they were asking for;-)

You can download the list here.
If you have any amendments, please let me know!

UTC-time in the list indicates when YouTube upload started!
The way I got the YouTube metadata was to replace video ID in URL below with ID of video I was interested in:
Look for ‘published’ in the source code to get the upload time in Zulu (UTC).
The list isn’t complete – but the videos which were discussed most in media are all included.

A big thank you to Brown Moses who provided the basis for this. His source of 194 videos , is the best collection you can find on the web. Here is a youtube player of all the videos …

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