Make A Difference

The last few days I spent in Bangalore, India, to attend the Global Citizen Conference held by the Melton Foundation. It’s an annual event bringing together Melton Fellows, thought leaders, and global citizenship advocates to share ideas, learn skills, forge partnerships, and act on local and global issues. It truly was an experience of its own. 60 young people seriously engaged in driving social change – getting things done instead of talking about it! They came together for 2 weeks from 5 different universities in China, Chile, Germany, New Orleans and Bangalore and established a bank for their future collaboration.

Here are a few short interviews I did with some Melton Junior Fellows (it’s a youtube player, so there is more than one video to watch;-):

I’ve also had the chance to talk to Winthrop Carty, the Executive Director of Melton Foundation

One part of the Global Citizen Conference were the so-called Springboard Sessions – carefully selected stories to inspire actions on global issues. One of the speakers was Jithin Nedumala, CEO and founder of Make a Difference (MAD). MAD is all about creating self sustainable communities and to empower people to drive social change. It’s a youth movement … And I have to say (and probably you will see & feel it when you watch the video) that I really enjoyed talking to Nithin;-)

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