Open Journalism

Alan Rusbridger, editor-in-chief of the Guardian, shared ten ideas about “open journalism”. We at we-magazine work very much like that – I guess;-)

  1. It encourages participation. It invites and/or allows a response.
  2. It is not an inert, “us” to “them” form of publishing.
  3. It encourages others to initiate debate. We can follow, as well as lead. We involve others pre-publication.
  4. It helps form communities of joint interest around subjects,issues or individuals.
  5. It’s open to the web. It links to, and collaborates with, other material (including services) on the web.
  6. It aggregates and/or curates the work of others.
  7. It recognizes that journalists are not the only voices of authority, expertise and interest.
  8. It aspires to achieve, and reflect, diversity as well as promoting shared values.
  9. It recognizes that publishing can be the beginning of the journalistic process rather than the end.
  10. It is transparent and open to challenge – including correction, clarification and addition.

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