Chinese Mafia is taking over in Venice

(a little more detailed fotopedia story on this you find here)

The Chinese mafia has invaded Venice, bringing a “favela” modality into the city in a way which no Venetian have ever dreamt of, says Fiora Gandolfi, an old Venetian lady, the embodiment of Venice. She is ready to stand up against the mafia.
She says that the Chinese gangs are making war amongst themselves – they compete in making fast and easy money (slot machines, counterfeit Italian fashion merchandise), and they don’t care about the history and culture of Venice.

They are breaking the windows of their neighbours …and they sink boats during the night.

The Venetians say “no”.
The citizens of Venice do not want more casinos and gambling places to be open. They are proud of their casino in the beautiful Palazzo Vendramin Calergi – where Wagner lived and died. That’s enough for them! At the cities’ balconies and windows you see billboards and messages painted on bed sheets saying ‘NO to gambling rooms in San Lio! Thank you’ ‘Stop the Chinese mafia!’, ‘No Russian mafia!, ‘No Turkish mafia!’ …

The Venetians want to preserve their identity and culture in its purest form – there is no need that senseless money making tourism and short term goals dominate timeless traditions. Venice is being destroyed by the enormous amount of boats that are eroding the foundations on which our palaces are built. We need to get rid off the unscrupulous foreigners who are interested in emptying the city of its unique culture – simply to make money.

Fiora’s daughter Luna made this statement (it’s in French) on these developments. Sorry for the poor video quality; we did it via SKYPE and I was on a bad internet connection in India …

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