Private Note

After a 5 week Christmas and New Years break I am back in India. And I have to admit, I love it. Even though the last year had many surprises to offer – spider bites, motorbike accident, physical attack by Rajiv Gautam, the eldest son of the family we wanted to build we_school with (we have a trial going on on this) – India became really home for me.

Why? – many of my friends ask.

I embrace India’s diversity. In times in which globalization bans diversity – one should cherish it! I love especially the rural areas. Their wilderness, the beauty of nature – I feel a strong connectedness with the earth here. The rural people and their way of living – it’s charming for me to see the priorities which really count in life. It’s very much going back to the roots. Asking myself what does really count in life? And how do you add value – for yourself and for the others? What makes really a difference?

More than anywhere else in the world I trust my instinct here – and I deeply enjoy it.

We live right next to Panna National Park, at Ken River Lodge where we rent a cottage.

Living room inside the cottage

Fynn and Lenny on the terrace of the cottage

In the morning we very often go down to the river for a swim – after checking that the crocodiles are gone;-)

Sometimes we go on safari inside Panna Park

For me this cottage became THE perfect spot to work and to think.
And above all I really meet some interesting people here …

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