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I spent a week at the Sharif Education Complex a bit outside of Lahore. On the campus there is a hospital, a medical college and 5 different schools with 1700 students. One hundred of the boys also live there in a hostel. The schools are led by Zarin Shoaib, who invited me to come.

Our goal was to come up with ideas and design projects to bridge the gap between the communities the students are living in and their daily life at school. We started out to work with students and teachers together, but it turned out – or I may better say it was my feeling from what I saw – that the students work much more “liberate” without the teachers. So we continued separately and worked on different issues.

I worked in 2 groups with them, each group about 20 kids. We’ve had 3 sessions à 90 minutes. It was quite a challenge for me to get them REALLY interested and not only to pretend being interested. And – probably to no ones surprise – the girls performed much better than the boys. They were much more focused and much more down to the point than the boys. Let’s see how their commitment will remain while I am gone. Before I left we agreed upon to continue virtually via their facebook page.

Here are the projects they came up with and which they would like to turn into practice:

  • Clean water
  • Citizen Rights – facebook awareness campaign
  • Educate your maid!
  • Fight illiteracy – Build a library!
  • Plant a tree!
  • Trash into colored dust bins!

By next Wednesday they were asked to send in a one pager where they explain how they plan to kick off their projects and with whom they want to cooperate in the community.

Can’t wait to see the projects going …

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