Going Back East

My 4-week Christmas break from incredible India comes to an end. On Sunday I am flying back. I was tempted to say “flying back home” 😉

The dogs will go crazy, I know. Really looking forward to cuddle them.

Before we are heading onwards to Khajuraho, we’ll go to Lahore, Pakistan, for a teacher training. I work together with Zarin Shoaib at the Sharif Education Complex. Zarin is principal there. A few month ago I did a Skype-in with them and talked and discussed “imagination and creativity in a networked school”. This time we will become more precise;-)

In a one week workshop we’ll use the design thinking method to come up with a few “lessons” for various age-groups on how

to combine community and entrepreneurial thinking in a regular curriculum – meaning in math, biology, chemistry, art …

For me this will be an excellent opportunity to check and test our community and learning model of we_school at a very first step.

I will report on this right here. So please stay tuned!

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