Education is an Expenditure, not an Investment!

This is what we NEED TO CHANGE!
Very simple!
Very clear!

In the last year I’ve spoken to many Indian parents – in cities and in rural areas. They all tell me the same thing: The costs of good education in India are very high. They spent up to 30% (!) of their income on their children’s education. The higher the price the better the school – the usual thinking.
And they spent this money because they want a safe and well paid job for the kids. Again money driven thinking.

It’s a thinking about numbers!
About costs!
And income.

I don’t blame the Indians for doing so.
We – in the West – almost do the same thing.
Just from a different point of view.
It’s the classical – what I call – copy & paste problem.
Majority countries (e.g. India and China) copy from minority countries (e.g.UK, US or Germany) blindly.
Rarely, ostensible successful models are being questioned.
And our education models in the West seem to be successful.
We have high living standards.
Make good money.
We travel.
We life fairly comfortable lives.

But can’t we do better?
All of us.
The Indian parents.
And all the others?

I think we can.
And one important shift would be to look at education as an investment.
On a large scale as an investment in our planet earth.
In all of us.
On a smaller scale as an investment in our village. In our city.
Our environment.

So what is changing when you look at education as an investment?
Again: Very simple!
Very clear!
The thinking becomes quality driven!

And here is why?

When you invest in something, you put as many of your resources in to it as you can.
It may take 20 years to pay off, but if the return-on-investment is high (which it is for education) then you invest.

And as a result you will optimize for quality (a higher return on investment).

Better quality for our planet.
Better quality for all of us.
For our cities and villages.
For OUR environment.

So, please!
Think about education as an investment!
Think about quality!

And then start building more schools for this.

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