Daily Life with the A Hole in the Wall Learning Stations

At the end of July this year we started our project with the Hole in the Wall Learning Stations. We implemented 2 computers right at the Government School in Khajuraho. The kids love them – no doubt. Every time we go there at least 5-10 kids are “playing” and hopefully learning something. We just send out the first set of data for evaluation – can’t wait to see how the kids are using the stations.

Some of the kids/people are very thankful. They appreciate the idea of FREE computer based learning. For them it’s seems to be very unusual that someone gives something for FREE and make it available for EVERYBODY – a concept they usually don’t experience. Even in Delhi at the railway station – when I took the night train to Khajuraho – people came and shook hands with me and said thank you.

This is the rewarding part of the story.

As of now the challenging part of the ongoing project are mainly 2 points:

How do we get girls to the learning stations?
I’ve only seen once girls in front of these computers, even though there are hundreds of them in the Government School.
How to involve them is a huge challenge. They usually go directly from school to home. They don’t interact with the boys in public – what they needed to do if they were at the computers. We even asked the teachers to introduce the girls to the learning station – but so far to no avail.

If you have any ideas how to get them involved, please let us know!

The maintenance of the computer
We never thought that the kids could take lesser care of these computers. They break and steal the chains which are holding the covers, they spit on the screens, they even dangle from the covers with their whole body weight … Weird!

(the wall was already painted white before this picture was taken)

The last week 4 volunteers from Germany and Japan were working at the stations (thanks to them!). They painted the walls white and made the lettering visible again. They were trying to involve the local kids – but they became “very shy” when our volunteers ask them to help;-)

So there is a lot of work to do in this ongoing process …

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