In Every End Lies A New Beginning

A few weeks ago I wrote about my Indian dream, building we_school together with Egon and a local family in Khajuraho. The we_school story was so far closely connected to the local family.

Yes, I am writing “was”.
The connection unfortunately came to an end.
We – the family and us – didn’t succeed in defining a legally binding agreement regarding the land.
It was a combination of “system” and personal incompatibilities which finally ended the relationship.

Somehow it’s a pity since the idea of a school came from the family.
But as our idea of we_school took shape and became clearer the system differences and disruptive moments became more and more obvious.
Right now Egon and I are re-organizing ourselves in Khajuraho.
We found a new place to live and work.
And we are adjusting our strategy.

We are working on to set up the we_school learning hub, we “maintain” the A-Hole-in-the-Wall Learning Stations with currently with volunteers from Germany and Japan and the local kids, we prepare a theatre cooperation for spring 2013 and and and …

So without doubt, the dream goes on …
we_school will be build!

Even though the entire situation with the family right now is still a bit “delicate” – so to say – Egon and I are looking forward and are more than happy to see the newborn “little Rajiv”, the youngest member of the family, walking one day into we_school with a big smile on his face.

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