What you actually should learn at school …

Saba Ghole is one of the co-founders of NuVu Studio, an innovation center for middle and high school students (14-18 years old) and a professional development program for teachers and educators in Cambridge, MA. NuVu’s pedagogy is based on the architectural studio model and geared around multi-disciplinary, collaborative projects. It aims to foster creativity.

I like the concept very much, but I am wondering why has this to take place OUTSIDE the schools? Shouldn’t be creativity, project based learning and collaborative working an essential part in any school? Why have students to leave their school for a trimester (or 2 or 3) to attend such exciting programs NuVu is running? So the big question for me is how to bring schools and the ideas of NuVu together for the best of the students?

Saba Ghole has some thoughts about this …

I conducted this interview at INKTALKS in Pune.

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