A Tribute to Allison

It’s 3 weeks now since some spider, punkie or whatsoever bit me. It turned into a huge infection on both feet and in its heyday there were about 19 open wounds, each of them the size of a 2 Euro coin. Not nice to look at … and – until 2 days ago – not showing any kind of recovery (won’t post any pictures, even though I documented it).

But this was probably my own fault. I slowed down, but only because I could hardly walk, but I didn’t really rest. I went from Mumbai to Delhi, from Dehli to Berlin, back home for a day or two and then I continued via Cologne and Düsseldorf to New York, up state New York until I arrived finally a week ago at a wonderful place way up in the mountains of Vermont.

Thank you to my friends for being your guest!
It’s an inspriring calm and relaxing place – just what I needed to heal these horrible wounds and to escape from the madness of India. A great place to be and to think.

The day I arrived Allison took care of me … we were experimenting with all kind of natural sources after the therapy recommended by the Berlin Institute of Tropical Medicine didn’t succeed: garlic, tea tree oil, various salts … footbath, hot oil healing sessions … nothing really took a visible effect. Until we shifted to sage. We boiled fresh sage, put the boiled leafs directly on the wounds, wrapped the feet with sage-soaked towels and after we lightened dry sage and let the smoke dry out the wounds.

Close to true voodoo ceremonies;-)
But finally we saw the healing … wounds are closing. Slowly, slowly … but they keep on closing!

So thank you so much Allison for your experimental natural therapies;-)
Thanks for your patience when I was really frustrated …

I am happy I’ve made it without any chemical stuff …

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