Why do I engage with Greenpeace?

A few weeks ago Greenpeace Germany asked me if I would be interested in joining their board of directors. Without hesitating I said yes.
And now it becomes serious.
Why do I want to engage with them?
What are my motifs?
I have to introduce myself at their general meeting mid November.

Actually the election procedure is very democratic.
All candidates have to be proposed by Greenpeace employees.
Neither the management nor any other committee has the right to suppose someone.
If a name pops up multiple times or over a year or two, a group of 4 – representing the 4 different kind of Greenpeace members – connect with the candidates and do an interview.
This year they interviewed 6 people for 2 board member jobs.
Then they pre-select.
Out of this 6 people, 3 will get the chance to introduce themselves at the general meeting.
And it’s there, where they get elected.

For this purpose I have to send them a half pager describing why I want to get involved.
Not so easy …

So what are my reasons?

    • the issue Greenpeace stands for “OUR ENVIRONMENT” is VERY important for all our lives.
    • Greenpeace is strong enough to show impact even on big international commercial players.
    • its credibility in the public is reasonable and acceptable.
    • it’s basically a grassroot movement with strong ties to the top.
    • Greenpeace is an important counterpart for all the big commercial players dealing with environmental issues.
    • They understand how to raise awareness and know how to execute efficiently.
    • They think global and act very precisely local!
    • At least in basics they understood new media.
    • They have a sense of community thinking.
    • They act as on an institutional but also on a personal level based upon conviction.

As an online/social activist I can easily align myself with all this.
So what can I contribute?

My thinking and arguing as a member of the board of directors would be to strengthen the network and community thinking within Greenpeace. For me sharing, collaboration, empathy, openness and transparency are key – and to argue from this background has the capacity to improve Greenpeace efforts significantly.

I guess for me the major challenge will be to calm down my “maker and doer”-instinct and stay cool with advising and “controlling”. Let’s see …
I am curious.

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