Feel, Imagine, DO, Share

DESIGN FOR CHANGE is the largest global movement designed to give young people an opportunity to express their own ideas for a better world and put them into action. Using the simple 4 step framework “Feel, Imagine, DO, Share”, children across the world are saying ‘I CAN’ instead of ‘Can I’. It started at Riverside School 3 years ago. This year, Design for Change reaches 34 countries and over 300,000 schools inspiring hundreds of thousands of children, their teachers and parents, to celebrate the fact change is possible and that they can lead that change! In late September the young changemakers will gather in Ahmedabad at a three days festival to exchange their experiences.

The stories of change the kids submit touch many areas: from education to cleanliness, from environment to health, from freedom to social causes, from school infrastructure to natural desasters. You name it. And many of them have significant impact on the communities they took place at. Here are many of them mentioned.

While we were at Riverside School for our we_school project, we’ve had the chance to speak with Gauri Mirashi about the Design for Change movement.

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