Learning Stations in Khajuraho, Rural India

We are looking for donations – please tune in!

Our goal is to implement in June, 2012 in Khajuraho two Hole-in-the-Wall learning stations (= two computers, four screens). Hole-in-the-Wall is a surprisingly fresh perspective on the learning process. Breaking the traditional confines of a school, Hole-in-The-Wall takes the learning experience to the playground, employs a unique collaborative learning approach and encourages children to explore, learn and just enjoy!

Khajuraho is a UNESCO World Heritage site and has the largest group of medieval Hindu and Jain temples, famous for their erotic sculptures. In spite of being a tourist attraction, social problems (sanitation, hygiene, health issues, illiteracy, poverty, dirtiness) are obvious in the village with its 25.000 inhabitants.

With the two learning stations and their +400 learning programes we want to tackle the above mentioned problems and to create a positive environment and starting point for the school we are going to be built there soon.

For educators the learning stations are a ‘Shared Blackboard’ which children can collectively own and access, to express themselves, to learn, to explore together, and at some stage to even brainstorm and come up with exciting ideas.

For villagers, it is more like a village well, where children assemble to draw knowledge and, in the process, engage in meaningful conversation and immersive learning activities that broaden their horizons.

And finally for children, it is an extension of their playground where they can play together, teach each other new things, and more importantly, just be themselves.

For 10.000 € we get the two learning stations (see photo to the right) including monitoring and usage evaluation plus community conversations at the beginning, after six months and at the end of the first year.

Thank you very much for your help in advance! Please help us spread the word.

Rajiv Gautam, entrepreneur, Khajuraho;
Ulrike Reinhard, activist, Heidelberg;
Egon Zippel, artist, New York.

We have something for those who donate in return;-)
Please choose between these option or make you own proposal what you want out of this project!
Email it to

ulrike @ ulrikereinhard . com   (without blanks;-)

I’d like to have in return:

  • a copy of teh very unusual plan of the land the school will be build on
  • a nice postcard from incredible India from the founders of the school: Egon and Ulrike
  • some awesome video footage
  • closer connection to the students once the workshops have started
  • what ever else comes into your mind!!!

Please let us know!


And here is a brand new talk by Sugata Mitra, the guy to started A Hole in the Wall. It#s really worth watching!

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15 Responses to Learning Stations in Khajuraho, Rural India

  1. Laura Jackson says:

    This sounds like a wonderful project, Egon! Best of luck with it!!

  2. johanna sky says:

    Well good look Ulrike and Egon with all, best Johanna

  3. ulrike reinhard says:

    @Johanna: Thank you so much.
    We’ll try to do our best – as always;-)

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  5. egon says:

    50 euro came from my friend Matthias Hofman, thank you so much, egon and ulrike

  6. Carol London says:

    As a long-time educator from elementary through college, I find the ideas exciting and refreshin.

  7. egon says:

    Carol London donated 20 EU through me. Thank you Carol, Egon and Ulrike

  8. John Lee says:

    Well good initiative to solve the problems…. once we solve social problems in local area then we can attract more foreigners.

    • ulrike reinhard says:

      Hi John Lee,

      are you based in Khajuraho?
      Let me know … I am just there … would love to connect with khajurahotemple.net

      Best, Ulrike

  9. egon says:

    the 2 x 200 Euros are from Klaus and Irina Moessle, Frankfurt. Thank you so much! egon and ulrike

  10. Andreas says:

    Done – keep up the good work :)

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