Leadership and Global Citizenship

At the Global Citizen Forum we spoke a lo about leadership and how leadership correlates with global citizenship. Does it take leaders to achieve a concept such as global citizenship or is it much more the responsibility of all ourselves to create it?

Here are a few interviews I’ve done with participants who shared their thoughts – some of them incredible stories:

Puja Handa was born in Botswana, her roots are Indian and today she is living in London, UK. She is working as a teacher in the Art of Living Foundation. In this brief interview she is telling the story of her kidnapping and how she “dealt” with her kidnappers and was set free after 6 hours …

Dismas Nkunda is Ugandian. He is — among many other things — Co-Director of the International Refugee Rights Initiative. He became a leader when he was 12 years old … taken over responsibilty for his 9 younger siblings and his mother. His father was shot in front of his eyes.

Oyebisi Babatunde Oluseyi built a network of young people out of Nigeria.

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