Incredible India 01 – Theatre at its Best

Since 10 days I am travelling in India now – it’s been mindblowing in many ways. I started out in Delhi at the unbox festival (more to come on this), went to the Taj Mahal (I’ve never seen anything more beautiful) and since a few days I am in Khajuraho, a small town about 620 kilometres southeast of Delhi. Rural India.

Today I was sitting with these 3 guys in the fields, explaining them my phone, flipping through all the pictures. And then they saw my book. Somehow we figured out that that they wanted me to read out of it. It couldn’t have been more bizarre: me reading Peter Brook’s “The Empty Space” to people whom I don’t understand, in a language they don’t understand. I was reading passages from the chapter “The Holy Theatre” – the setting here could have been easily been one of Brook’s experiments …

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