David Weinberger / Peter Kruse – The entire conversation

Finally the entire conversation between Peter Kruse and David Weinberger on “data”. It was last year, late September at Petersberg. A very warm and sunny day. Actually 4 month before David’s book Too Big to Know was published.

All in all 7 videos:

part 1: Warm-up;-)
part 2:Peter and David are “warming up” and trying to find out what the other one is meaning when he talks about data, knowledge and understanding.
part 3: The impact of technology on culture and the question if the internet is capable of “building” a new culture.
part 4: The responsibly of the ME and the WE within the network and how narratives can help to create a better understanding between different cultures.
Is it possible to tell a story if it includes a hyperlink?
part 5: On politics
part 6: What can WE do?
part 7: 140 characters on DATA

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