Too Big to Know?

I have to admit it’s been a while since we videotaped this conversation between Peter Kruse and David Weinberger on “data”. It was last year, late September at Petersberg. A very warm and sunny day. Actually 4 month before David’s book Too Big to Know was published.

For me, as an observer more or less, it was very interesting to see the different approaches both of them took when they were talking about data. Peter, who spent great parts of his life in the field of brain research, always in search for a higher order (pattern recognition, understanding) within all these networks; David, embracing the messiness of the web and open data, was arguing from the side that knowledge (data) itself is becoming the network.

So let me start with the very end. After a two hour converstaion we asked both of them to “squeeze” the most essential about data in a tweet – here is what they came up with:

In this first part of the conversation Peter and David are “warming up” and trying to find out what the other one is meaning when he talks about data, knowledge and understanding:

Please stay tuned, more to come!

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