Why I am doing WE_the_movie

I started this project a few weeks ago and since then many people have been asking WHY are you doing this … So here is WHY:

Even though I am not a digital native, I have been online for 25 years. I got my first email account in 1987 at The Well. At that time I was living in Sausalito California right next to the offices of The Whole Earth Catalogue and The Well. The forefront of the Web in its early days. I breathed their spirit – feeling in my bones that we were up to something completely new. The very first attempts of community building and creating something collectively which a person alone could never do. I was intoxicated by this idea.

Today the internet is our society’s dominant platform. So I think it’s absolutely fundamental that we understand it. But not only us who live with it – I want our politicians, leaders and elites to share this understanding! Because they’re the ones who decide on our future, the ones who’ll make bad decisions and bad policies if they don’t get it!

This means we need to spread the message and get it out of the geek-ghettos. We need to show that it’s not just about building cool stuff but about understanding how our society and our future will change. With all the consequences and insecurity this change will bring with it.

The wider purpose of the Web is to build a better world. And to build a better world we need to go mainstream! And a movie is mainstream.

This is why I decided to go with some friends on the journey: WE_The_Movie. We want to show and tell personal stories of how people everywhere are striving to use the internet to change the world for the good. We want to show the REAL impact the Internet has since many people still think about it as just another communication channel!

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