Tahrir Square teaches me a lot these days …

.. I wish more friends from Europe and US were here to support these proud people. They need it. And above all they deserve it!

What Tahrir Square (as a symbol for the entire country of Egypt) is teaching me these days is:

  • Why elections right now doesn’t make any sense at all, they simply would strengthen SCAF
  • Western governments still haven’t learnt how to handle the uprises in the Arab world – the are still supporting SCAF and they are lusting for elections! They still rely on systems they know …
  • Transition needs time. Just think about how long it took to re-unite East and West after the fall of the Berlin Wall (in peace). It took them decades to stand up against Mubarak, give them time and let them grow!
  • Building something new from the scratch can’t be done in a week, not even in a year. So build and support structures in which this new system can emerge! Think differently from what we’ve done in the past.
  • Let the people participate. Right from the beginning. It’s their country and they aren’t walking blind.
  • If Egypt will succeed, sooner or later the entire Arab world will follow.

    I’ve picked 2 picts from a serie of Egypt Protest photos, published on Cryptome.

    pray zone

    war zone

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