Clash of Cultures

David Li, native Taiwanese, studied in the US and now living in Shanghai is the founder of the first hackerspace in Shanghai: Xinchejan. I’ve been there today and I really liked the vibes: relaxing, innovative, geeky and free.

David is providing a space for people to come together, work together and share ideas. People there – they transform ideas into prototyoes, ready to market. Products like electronic motorbikes controlled by cell phones, urban farming or robots.

In this interview we speak about the overall economic, political and cultural situation in China.
For me, David is a representative of the generation which has no “home” in China. Too young to be “traditional, too “old” to be “hip” – but recognizing the tensions this fact is causing. A true clash of culture, I truly enjoyed my time speaking to him … inspiring and very thoughtful.

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