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Corrine Hunt was born in the Kwakiutl village of Alert Bay, British Columbia. She was first inspired to learn the art of engraving from her maternal uncle, Norman Brotchie. She also studied anthropology at Simon Fraser University. During the summer’s, she worked on her fathers commercial fishing boat. Corrine’s paternal grandfather was Tonguss Tlingit from Alaska. She is privileged to inherit the legacies of both the Kwakiutl and the Tlingit using both cultures to inspire her designs. Corrine enjoys carving gold & silver combined rings & has developed her own unique carvings.”

That’s written about Corrine in the House of Himwitsa.
2010 she designed the Olympic Medal for the Vancouver Winter Games (see pict above).

I’ve met Corrine at DLDwomen last week – Steffi Czerny, co-host of DLD said we would look like sisters;-) – where we did this interview. She is telling us her very personal story around the process of designing these medals … actually the most heaviest ones ever designed;-) In all her work and thinking community stands first.

Corrine is a wonderful person. Very thoughtful! I am glad we’ve met!

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