WE_Leadership is out!

Yesterday we’ve launched our latest edition of we-magazine: WE_Leadership. While I am still quarreling with the webinar which went along with its first presentation (reflections on this will follow) – however I am still convinced that the theme “leadership” is one of the most challenging today in companies, governments and institutions. WE_Leadership is about the changes we utterly need in the way we are leading our companies, institutions and our nations.

The magazine shows a broad range of leadership approaches – in theory and in practice: From radical management theories (as suggested by Stephen Denning) to the point of changing the corporate culture of a huge international company such as Deutsche Telekom (conversation between Peter Kruse and Thomas Sattelberger). From “Doing it the Wiki Way” (Frank Roebers and Synaxon) to more hesistant approaches in “Facebooked?”. And it is about what we can learn from horses and conductors;-)

So please flip through and send me your feedback and comments!

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