Leading from the Edge

On April 6 WE will launch the latest edition of we-magazine: WE_Leadership. Part of the magazine is this interview with John Hagel.

“As we begin to understand that the WE really is a global WE, we will need to rethink our institutions and our practices,” says John Hagel. In this interview John sides with a world of pull in which we define new institutions and practices – coming from the edge and moving forward in small, but rapid steps towards a long term vision.

2 thoughts on “Leading from the Edge”

  1. Ulrike – This sounds really awesome. When I read “The Power of PULL” the story John and John tell resembled so much of my own life in various cultures (from the engineering to the public works and education). Met Dominik Wind back in December here in Dresden at http://expidition-unternehmen.de – and Dirk Spannaus invited me to http://kunden-manifest.de

    Working on creating the PULL here in Dresden, where truly great people are active (only currently in small pockets not widely connected across boundaries – which is the driver for me to change the entrepreneurial landscape or eco-system in the area).

    Perhaps there is more in common than we currently see. Looking forward to what emerges.

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