What if the Mind prevails over the Heart?

I started this blogpost a few days ago, actually on our last day in Jordan.
Until then we’v met a lot of people with roots in Palestine – Jordan gives home to more than 2 million Palestinians, born in Jordan but their parents or grandparents came from Palestine. They themselves have never been home, they are NOT allowed to go there. Israel won’t let them enter. So they see their land, but can’t go! No wonder their feelings regarding Israel are very strong and emotional. And we could feel that. Deep down in their hearts there was nothing but hatred for Israelis, pure hatred. As it is part of their DNA.

So when we first told them about the 2stars4peace idea – they were more than surprised, very sceptical and most likely they thought we were nuts. All we harnessed was prompt rejection.
But as soon as we explained the idea and asked them at least to imagine what advantages would come along with it, they started to think. They were hesitating, reflective and finally had to admit YES, 2stars4peace might be a chance: better job options, economic growth, better eductaion, better health services, equal rights …

We were more than happy to see this happen. If you really get the chance to go beyond emotions and reach out to their minds – there is a chance to overcome hate!
But it is a tough job!
And there wasn’t more than a glimpse of hope …
But it is there! And from there we go …
And hopefully our thoughts will stay at least for a while with them.

The time is right for it!
Powered by the wiki revolutions in Agypt and Tunisia we had a very powerful idea: What if 1 million people Palestinians would march and cross the river Jordan?

I doubt that neither the Jordanians nor the Israelis would shoot!

Akrum, one of our conversation partners, felt in love with this idea … So why don’t YOU join the facebook group and make it happen?

One thought on “What if the Mind prevails over the Heart?”

  1. Your Love in Your Heart should reach out beyond Your Mind, and it will be much stronger when Your Spirit in Your Soul is allowed to direct Your Whole Person (Body-Mind-Heart).

    I was moved by your writings, peace……..

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