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Tonight I will fly out to the Middle East. First stop Ammann, Jordan. Then travelling south, jumping on a ferry to Nuweibat Sinai, Egypt. Crossing Sinai and Suez Canel and heading on towards Cairo. Then Israel and Palestine. I am pretty excited to go there right now and to get a personal feeling of what’s going. It is always so different when you “see” things happening through other peoples eyes e.g. twitter and blogs.

I do have the feeling that people in the Arabic world started to write a new chapter in world history. What is happening NOW in various Arabic countries will affect us all. No doubt on this. And it will put pressure on the Israel-Palestine conflict – without a solution there no permanent peace will ever come to the region.

A bit longer than I year ago I interviewed Martine Rothblatt on her book “2stars4peace”. “Two Stars for Peace” is the name for a grassroots plan to solve the Middle East crisis by Palestine and Israel joining the U.S. as the 51st and 52nd states.

Listen to Martine what she says on her book:

Weired idea, isn’t it?
To me this kind of offbeat thinking is THE only way to achieve progress in peace making between Israel and Palestine.
The One- and the Two-State-Solution are stuck. And people don’t trust politicians no more.

And “Two Stars for Peace” is not just another American idea.
It is challenging US foreign policy as much as it is challenging the EU and Israel and Palestine.
It is a people kind of thing … a grassroot movement. 2stars4peace starts where politics usually end: with the citizens!

I am convinced that only the people can drive this change.
The people in Palestine, Israel, the people in the Arabic world AND the people in the US and EU!
The bigger the “WE” in this peace process becomes, the better the chances to succeed!
And this is why I am enagaged.

I do love the region down there, wonderful people, beautiful landscape.
It’s time for peace.
And WE all can help to achieve it!

And I invite you all to follow our trip and add comments and give advise …

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