Murmarating Starlings

In the video above Don Tapscott asks the question if companies, institutions, governments can adapt to starling’s behaviour and learn from their ability to manoeuvre “in a common sense” as the flock wheel and dive through the air. I like this analogy. And I do think it can be achieved.

What “WE” – the humans – can learn from the starlings and what is necessary to achieve such an incredible performance – at least in my eyes – is to follow the one who is taking the lead without hesitating. No matter who it is! We see a huge amount of trust and transparency among these starlings. To build a corporate or institutional or national culture in which these value can emerge seems to be the real challenge to me!

Collaboration tools such as wikis and blogs and social media platforms such as twitter and facebook are somehow a turbo charger to “get it done!”

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