I don’t have a love affair with Heidelberg

While I was sitting with Bea in a coffeee house in Timisoara, Romania, we wrote down these do’s and don’ts about my hometown Heidelberg. I am one of those few who were REALLY born there – a rare species;-)

And as you can easily see, I don’t really have a love affair with Heidelberg. Even though it is a great place to live and raise your kids … But you have to leave once in a while;-)

Serge asked me to do so for his weekly publishing service “Serge the Concierge!”
And Serge, there wasn’t a reason I put don’ts before do’s;-)

So here we go …


  1. Visit Karlstorbahnhof or Halle02 for cultural events.
  2. Enjoy a coffee at “Hörnchen”, Heumarkt.
  3. Best White Russians in town at “Orange”, Ingrimstrasse.
  4. Best Indie music at “Sonderbar”, Untere Strasse.
  5. For those who don’t enjoy “Sonderbar’s” music, walk a few steps down and enter “Weinloch” – undoubtfully a unique experience!
  6. Have a dinner at “Herrenmühle”, especially in summertime when you can sit in the backyard – best food in town for reasonable prices.
  7. Take the cog railroad up to Königstuhl and walk downhill via Posselslust and then Neckargemünd.
  8. If you want to explore suburbs, choose either the old part of Rohrbach or Handschuhsheim.
  9. A must-see and visit: Heidelberger Zuckerladen, Plöck.
  10. Walk the famous Philosophenweg and enjoy the incredible light.


  1. Do not eat at crappy tourist restaurants in the centre of town.
  2. Absolutely no-go Restaurant: “Roter Ochsen”, Hauptstrasse.
  3. Leave “quarter chic” Neuenheim alone!
  4. Head to Neckarwiese on a sunny, hot day unless you want to be crushed!
  5. Don’t visit town while the students are gone!
  6. Forget about a boat trip on the Neckar.
  7. No shopping in Heidelberg! Sorry!
  8. Don’t understand Heidelberg as a typical German student town – it is Disneyland.
  9. Even though Cafe Viktoria on Main Street is tempting you, please resist!
  10. Don’t expect change!

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