Leadership In A Flat Organization

JP Rangaswami is an outspoken advocate of open source and using emerging and disruptive technologies to improve information sharing, education and collaboration. I first heard him talk when he was Chief Scientist at British Telecom, a position he now is holding at salesforce.com. What I truely like best about JP is his engagement in education: He is currently chairman of School of Everything which brings teachers and students together in a disruptive way.

In our conversation last week we were talking about leadership and the impact the Internet has on various leadership models. I’ve cut the video into 6 parts, you can either click on the links or simply use the player below;-)

JP_Rangaswami01 – Introducing himself

JP_Rangaswami02 – Designing for Loss of Control
JP_Rangaswami03 – The Matrix Organigram
JP_Rangaswami04 – Team Incentives
JP_Rangaswami05 – Role Based Leadership
JP_Rangaswami06 – The Cultural Shift

Here is the interview in full length (42 min.)

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