The Internet of Elsewhere

“The Internet of Elsewhere”, Cyrus Farivar’s book which will be published in April 2011. It is the story of the Internet’s history and effects on four countries around the world: Iran, Estonia, South Korea and Senegal. It describes not only how the Internet came to be in that country, but why its Internet applications make sense given its own political, economic and social context.

In other words: there’s a reason that Skype was invented in Estonia, rather than Silicon Valley. There’s a reason that Iran was the first country in the world to arrest a blogger – back in 2003. There’s a reason that South Korea is the world’s most wired country on the planet, by far. There’s a reason why Senegal may be one of sub-Saharan Africa’s best chances for greater Internet access, and how it still comes up short.

Here is what Cyrus has to say ….

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