Getting the YES!

Last week I spent at Castle Steinhöfel, 60 km east of Berlin close to the border to Poland.

Somehow the end of the world, hence very relaxing and inspiring. The Bertelsmann Stiftung and GTZ invited 21 so called Transformation Thinkers for a six-day program which is targeted at the rising generation of young leaders from developing and transition countries. It is conceived as a forum for strategic reflection and the international exchange of experience. These meetings serve to enhance the strategic orientation and problem-solving capacities of young experts likely to take on positions of leadership in their country. Knowledge and skills are conveyed by both experienced practitioners and leading scholars engaged in comprehensive political and economic reform. My role in this setting was related in my experience with the Internt. We produced a couple of videos you can find here.

One of the most inspiring sessions to me was Jamil Mahuad‘s one. He took us on a 5 h negotiation journey – how to get the YES. WOW! Jamil is former President of the Republic of Ecuador and co-founder & Senior Advisor for the Harvard International Negotiation Program in Cambridge.

During his presidency, a historical peace agreement with the neighboring country of Peru was signed, resolving the countries’ longstanding border dispute. Under the agreement, Ecuador renounced its claims to sovereignty of the disputed territory under the Rio de Janeiro Protocol; Peru deeded ownership of a square kilometer of the territory to Ecuador. In his lecture he explained us this very process. Everybody was drwan into it. We felt like being an active part in these negotiations.

Jamil strechted the GETTING TO YES grid where the x-axis showed the 5 elements of relationship and y the “substance”, the 5 elements of negotiations.

5 Elements of negotiations (= substance)
Interest – what is the story behind the story?
Reconcile interest, not position
Options – invent before decide!
we are driven by our past
problems can only be solved on the level of causes
Legitimacy – use fair criteria
Batna – know your/their limit
Commitment – I’ll be better off >>>YES!

5 Elements of Relationship
Appreciation – understand, find, express merit
Affiliation – find, share common ground
Autonomy – free to make, influence decision
Status – position in hierarchy
Role – Meaningful, fulfilling

Using various combinations within this grid during the negotiation process, Jumil explained vividly “his way” to succeed – highly complex and dynamic. Having inhaled and understood this grid in its depth you are ready to get any YES you want.

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