The Future of Money Project

I’ve heard about this project every now and then … not really sure what it was all about. This morning the message popped up, the project has exceeded its $5000 fundraising goal! So I went back to their website …

With this budget now they will finish a video for a presentation they will give at SIBOS in Amsterdam next week, addressing the financial sector.

I like the questions these 4 young people are asking the movers and shakers in the financial industry and I like the way they are doing it: open innovation.

So far a nice idea. Worth to follow.
And good luck for the upcoming presentation!

But as always, there are “buts”:

On their website they write: It is our belief that if this production is generously supported by the network it will serve as a perfect example of the kind of courageous new business models that will be increasingly commonplace as the new economy evolves!

Does this mean: Proven and mission accomplished?
Hopefully NOT!
If the project would STOP here it wouldn’t be more than an instrumentalization of these new tools … nice, but without any further help or impact.

What I would expect is at least the following:

  • at least try to turn this idea into value which is beyond a presentation at a conference
  • an idea is powerful when it connects people and when they start “going” for it!
  • the topic is the driver, not YOUR presentation
  • be more transparent about the entire process (e.g. no outline of the ongoing of the project, will the project end with the presentation?

So please keep on going. Don`t stop here!

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