Upgrading Tintin’s worldview

This blogpost is part 2 of a series of short videoclips with Hans Rosling, founder of gapminder and TEDster. On behalf of futurechallenges.org, Ole Wintermann and I went to Stockholm to interview Hans in May 2010. For me it was one of the most funniest and most inspriring interviews I have ever done … and I am truly looking forward to include Hans Rosling again in our next edition of we-magazine which will focus on Africa.

“Tintin thought that it was the Western world and the rest.”
What is the core idea behind Gapminder? “Basically it’s a new map”, Hans Rosling says. “Instead of north and south we have healthy and sick.”

By using a game-like approach Gapminder makes world statistics understandable. And because he describes global trends like a sports commentator Hans Rosling has opened the eyes of a broad public.

But what is Rosling’s approach to attract such a large audience?

He was a medical doctor and teacher to fifty people, now millions listen to him thanks to the TED crew and his short lecture format. In fact he has an entire media strategy as there are stratified user groups:

With the Gapminder software and his funny-serious TED talks, Rosling is trying to reach lean-forward as well as lean-backward users on the web.
The world can never by understood without statistics. And it can never be understood by statistics only.
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