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This blogpost is the start of a series of short videoclips with Hans Rosling, founder of gapminder and TEDster. On behalf of futurechallenges.org, Ole Wintermann and I went to Stockholm to interview Hans in May 2010. For me it was one of the most funniest and most inspriring interviews I have ever done … and I am truly looking forward to include Hans Rosling again in our next edition of we-magazine which will focus on Africa.

So have fun!

“The problem in West Europe is that we have too many who know wine and too few who know the world.”

Hans Rosling has become an internet sensation. The Swedish professor of international health and director of the Gapminder Foundation is using engaging data visualization and storytelling to dispel widely held misconceptions about the world we live in.
“The data goes out to the public, it goes into their eyes, it hits their retina. The problem is it doesn’t go into the brain!”

Hans Rosling worked as a medical doctor in Africa and discovered that the concept of ‘developing countries’ as he was taught it in school didn’t make sense anymore.

Rosling describes himself as a curious, humble person and thinks not everyone has to run advocacy. The role he sees for Gapminder is to provide a map of what the world really looks like.

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