Lee Bryant and Peter Kruse on Enterprise 2.0

Yesterday I was at Petersberger Gespräche in Bonn, where I moderated a series of “nextpractices” to Enterprise 2.0. The opening of the conference were the following 2 keynotes by Peter Kruse, nextpractice, Bremen, and Lee Bryant, Headshift, London.

Prof. Dr. Peter Kruse, nextpractice GmbH
»Revolution 2.0: Wie die sozialen Netzwerke Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft verändern« (in German)

Petersberger Gespäche 2010

Lee Bryant, Headshift
»Enterprise 2.0: practical and traditional«

Petersberger Gespäche 2010

One thought on “Lee Bryant and Peter Kruse on Enterprise 2.0”

  1. Peter Kruse – grandios! Mehr davon bitte über alle Ebenen von Wissenschaft, Politik, Bildung und Wirtschaft – beim Bürger muss es ankommen.

    9:33 AM on April 10, 2008
    James Buck’s story in Egypt well before the Arab Spring and one of the first sign of transformational change. Who knew about it? | I have just learned while reading the foreword to Sheil Israel’s book “Twitterville” which I got from Brian Solis a couple of days ago.

    Amazing how long it takes for events to be seen as a larger whole.

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