Nii Tete Saashi Koi on Leadership in Africa

Nii is working at oneVillageFoundation (oVF), Winneba, Ghana as a project manager. His main message in this interview is to transfer the concept of “help people to help themselves” into local leadership. For him it is important and necessary that young Africans speak up and define clearly their part in everyday´s African life. “Think global act local” seems to be one of his guiding principles. Western influence and the lack of African leadership are the main reasons for Nii why Africa isn´t really speeding up. He is an advocat for new forms of governance and he is asking the African youth to remain in their areas and take over responsibility.

As a result of this interview and the conversation we´ve had with Nii Joy Tang and I decided to start at the end of 2010 monthly webinars for young African leaders (male and female). We would like to discuss principles of leadership and connect them with international experts on leadershiplike John Hagel, Don Tapscott, Ken Robinson and others. Let´s see how ths works out, some of them have already agreed to participate.

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