Story Swap – There is Hope …

We just came back from the Story Swap evening event, organized as part of the Aspen Ideas Festival. In a press release late April Story Swap was very “functionally” described as follows: “High school students in Port-au-Prince and New Orleans will share personal stories of family, landscape, and cultural and emotional differences via live videoconferencing as part of this modern-day pen pal project. Through the use of storytelling, creative writing, and the visual arts, this cross-cultural exchange is designed to help strengthen and, in this case, restore individuals, schools, and communities.”

Tonite we experienced 5 of these young people who lived the earthquake in Haiti and the hurricane Katrina. They’ve shared with us their experiences during the project:

– how it felt to tell the own story,
– what relief they felt, when they started talking,
– what was set free within themselves by telling the story
– and what enables them now to really re-start their lives.

There is always hope … that is what they’ve said.
I have never attended a panel which was so …


Those kids are great!
And so is the entire project.
It is supported by the Aspen Writers’ Foundation and The Bezos Family Foundation.

This video which gives you some insights of what Story Swap is all about.

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