We are borrowing from our children

25 million people around the world are facing the extreme consequences of climate change on a very real and present level. Michael Nash’s documentary, Climate Refugees, spotlights these people and their communities, which are literally crumbling before their eyes.

The issue of climate refugees is just beginning to enter a wider discourse beyond the communities that are directly impacted, due to films like Nash’s. We do need a broader discussion on this, since we are NOT only talking about climate change – future challenges as migration (climate migration), new forms of governance (we don’t have any system of governance yet to deal with these issues) and globalization are closely going along with it!

Watch the trailer:

Nash says: “The human face of climate change really is an untold story and the very reason I felt the need to investigate. When I started this journey three years ago, there was very little data on climatic migration. There seemed to be a vast amount of spin on both sides of the climate change issue. I wanted to move beyond the politics and dig into the truth of whether our climate was really changing and if it was, how was it affecting humans? What I found was mass climatic migration. Victims forced to relocate, unable to live on the land, either from short-term or long-term climatic changes. Our changing climate seems to be all about water: too much in some areas and too little in others.”

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