My Carbon Footprint of the last 36 hours …

… is a nightmare in the perspective of global issues – I am fully aware of this. But the personal experience – while footprinting – was outstanding. Actually a very classic example for the contradiction of personal behaviour and personal thinking … !

FRA >> Sao Paulo, Brasil
12 hours flight, full sleep

Sao Paulo >> Santiago, Chile
4 hours flight, breathtaking views over Argentina and Los Andes

Santiago >> Valle Central
Early dinner with friends, enjoying fabulous CHilean red wines

Valle Central >> Calama
2 hours flight alongside Los Andes, unbelievable colors – grey, dark grey, yellow, blue, orange, red … a “LSD” sky – hate my iPhone camera because of the bad picture quality …


Calama >> San Pedro
1 hour drive

And while we were slowly achieving the altitude of 2400 m (7200 ft.) of San Pedro the full noon was rising … much bigger and brighter than at home.

Welcome San Pedro:-)


2 thoughts on “My Carbon Footprint of the last 36 hours …”

  1. REPLY:
    Fabiola, I have never ever been to a more beautiful place … I really fell in love with your country!

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