we-magazine special: FutureChallenges

FutureChallenges, our third edition of we-magazine, is dedicated to futurechallenges.org, a new open online platform. futurechallenges.org is about the most important issues of our time, global megatrends, like climate change, migration, scarcity of resources, globalization … and especially the way they interconnect, reflect and magnify one another which will be decisive in shaping our common future.

So why did WE decide to dedicate this issue to FutureChallenges?

For us it is of the utmost importance that an institution like the Bertelsmann Stiftung is finally reaching out to the Web, that they embrace abundance and let the network set the agenda! Their goal is to build a highly connected virtual space based on the principles of participation, transparency and openness. futurechallenges.org is definitely a step in the right direction – WE will follow its path and see how it becomes more open and social.

WE are very proud to introduce an incredible line-up of authors – just to name a few: Peter Kruse, Hans Rosling, George Siemens, John Hagel III, Peter Spiegel, Isaac Mao, Emer Beamer and many more …

The magazine at a glance is here, the PDF is free for download:

we-magazine 03 – FutureChallenges

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