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I am really looking forward the edgewards event in NYC


For me there are 2 reasons why I won’t miss it. First: I am deeply convinced that the topic of the conference needs to be discussed. Stowe Boyd, initiator and host, pointed it out like this: “Some of the leading thinkers in this area believe that we are at the start of something much larger than a retake on marketing. We are seeing a rethinking of work, collaboration, and the role of management in a changing world, where the principles and tools of the web are transforming society, media, and business. The mainstays of business theory — like innovation, competitive advantage, marketing, production, and strategic planning — need to be reconsidered and rebalanced in the context of a changing world. The rise of the real-time, social web has become one of the critical factors in this new century, along with a radically changed global economic climate, an accelerating need for sustainable business practices, and a political context demanding increased openness in business.”

Second: I am curious about the format. Stowe says: “The format for the New York event is loosely modeled on late night television. We are not going for pratfalls, but we are into serious play. We will have some straightahead standup, but mostly this is just a format to reduce the formalities and let us get into some deep discussions without the tired powerpoints.

I will be the host and acting as master of ceremonies, managing the flow and content of the show. Guests will join me on stage, giving short talks, presentations, or being interviewed. One or two group sessions may be worked into the format, but very few: panels have a tendency to run off the tracks.

I will be joined by Lee Bryant and Sarah Kennon as co-hosts, at different times.”

And I trust these guys … I am sure it will be a great event!

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