Cinema Jenin – A way to solve the Palestine-Israel Conflict

Last week I had the chance to talk to filmmaker Marcus Vetter on his project “Cinema Jenin”.He produced a feature film “Heart of Jenin” – a “sign of the time” movie which really captures the Palestine=Israel conflict.

That’s Marcus mission on his project:
“As a documentary filmmaker I go to a foreign land, and the people tell their stories and open their hearts. In return, I give them back a film, but I don’t believe that a film alone has the power to change their circumstances in the long run. Rebuilding Cinema Jenin gives each of those who participate the possibility to write the next chapter in their lives.”

Here is our interview … for me it was a very emotional and touching conversation.


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01 – The filmmaker Marcus Vetter

02 – The Story of “Heart of Jenin” – Marcus’ latest film

03 – Challenges people are facing in the area around Jenin

04 – The Magic of Heart of Jenin – The City of Jenin
terrorism – freedom fighters

05 – The story of 1987 …

06 – The idea behind the project “Cinema Jenin”

07- “Cinema Jenin” and its sustainability

08- The financial concept behind “Cinema Jenin”
It´s all about trust and people!

The entire interview (51 min.)

3 thoughts on “Cinema Jenin – A way to solve the Palestine-Israel Conflict”

  1. REPLY:
    Dear Martine, thanks for your comment. We would love to invite you to Jenin, to see what we are doing in Jenin and to meet Ismael, the father and also Fakhri, one of the wonderful founders of the idea to rebuild cinema jenin. I see a slight, but real chance that Cinema Jenin could succeed in bringing people together. Thats what it is all about. In october the 3D movie “Conference of the animals” will be cinematiquely released in Germany by Constantin Film. I love this book by Erich Kästner. We are talking right now to Constantin Film to get the rights for synchronizing this film with actors from Jenin and the arab world into arababic and to premier it at our first Int. Filmfestival in Jenin in april 2011. This story fits so much for the region. Thanks Marcus

  2. je veux vous remercier d’avoir réalisé un tel documentaire qui montre une autre image du Palestinien car ils ne sont pas tous violents et aspirent à la paix
    j’aimerai tant que vous fassiez passer ce message aux parents du petit martyr car le papa est très émouvant et très digne et il faudrait que son comportement inspire les politiques israéliens et palestiniens
    j’ai 70 ans bientôt et je désespère souvent de voir la paix dans ces 2 pays

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