Collective intelligence? Not fully achieved yet …

Peter Kruse, CEO of nextpractice, has been dealing with networks for most of his life. The interesting thing about him is the fact, that he is NOT an IT-guy. His started his career as a hard core scientist, working as an experimental psychologist at the border of neurophysiologie. His big question was: How does the brain makes chaos in order to make order?

Later in his business career Kruse became successful in transferring the concept of how the brain is functioning into (business and social) networks. His latest work is strongly related to the Internet …

2 thoughts on “Collective intelligence? Not fully achieved yet …”

  1. Kruse’s thoughts are simply stunningly interesting. Interesting for me also is, that his overwhelming intelligence seems to be tamed in the english tongue. It really is more comfortable to listen to his thoughts in english!


  2. REPLY:
    … sounds like @westerwave 🙂 I like it!

    I do agree – Peter’s message sounds less scientific in English!

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