2 stars for peace …

… is a book by Martine Rothblatt on the conflict between Palestine and Israel. Martine suggest that both states become part of the US – 2 new stars on the US flag.

First it sounds like a weired idea – but if you start thinking deeper on it, to me it can easily compete with the one or the two state solution.

The book is translated into Hebrew and Arabic, both available on the net.

4 thoughts on “2 stars for peace …”

  1. Hi Ulrike, hi Martine,

    in order to find peace for this two states, so deeply in conflict, any positive idea could do good. But just as you asked Ulrike how will the palestinians overcome their hate, or as you put it Martine “extreme emotion”?

    I don’t really know but I found a touching approach by Narda Azaria Dalgleish, an Hebru women and a lover of peace. Maybe it could enrich this discussion. To my mind it’s more about the intrinsic emotions between hebrus and palestinians.

    I quoted it here in my blog: http://www.jormason.com/wordpress/?p=508

    Cheers and thanks for your posting Ulrike!

    Jörn Hendrik

  2. REPLY:
    It is beautiful. I have posted another poem at the twostarsfor peace url. Poems from real people show that real people want peace. I really hope that real people from Palestine, Israel and US, and Europeans and Arabs abroad are welcome too, will join together to create Two Stars for Peace Movement worldwide. When big demonstrations for Two Stars occur, then politicians will agree to make it happen.

  3. REPLY:
    Thank you for your response.
    Yes I thought so too. I invited Nadra to this Blogpost, maybe there’ll be some connection.

    THX for your input and all the best for your project!


    Jörn Hendrik

  4. REPLY:
    Thank you, Jörn, for mentioning my poem and letter to the UN, and thank you Martine for your efforts for peace and your kind comment.

    I would just add that the approach is based on the intrinsic unity of all humanity… and the whole of existence, this is what our era is about, in my view. All my poetry and writings are from and for this perspective.

    Some say the global crisis is an outer mirror to an inner sickness of humanity’s disconnection from itself and the world, but I am hopeful. I see an unprecedented collective shift in response – globally – far beyond the personal, the tribal, and the national… this has been so evident during cop15.

    As a full time editor on WiserEarth I have been working among other things, on setting up pages for Israeli and Palestinian peace NGO’s, and the picture that has been unfolding is staggering. Sadly, apart from the activists themselves this situation is extremely under documented. Relatives and friends of mine in Israel had no idea

    What I saw is a remarkable shift in heart and mindset across the board. One NGO example has of over 500 bereaved families from both sides who have been doing amazing reconciliation work for years.
    they say ‘if we, who lost our loved ones to the ‘enemy’ can meet them, everyone can…

    Please have a look, and join the group. Its called

    A WiserEarth Palestine-Israel Platform


    Kind regards

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