Leadership in a self-organizing world

Harrison Owen created, or maybe he just channelled, the Open Space process 25 years ago.

Here’s Harrison talking about the paradox of leadership in a self-organizing world. It’s fabulous stuff. He serves his metaphorical liquor 100% proof and with great charm. I certainly feel challenged to up my game in future when talking about this stuff.

Harrison Owen – Talk I – Leadership in a Self-Organizing World from Harold Shinsato on Vimeo.

My take aways:
There is no such thing as a closed system

Management science is an attempt to manage systems as if they are closed

Management professors have tenure, business authors have books and managers have status which gives them a big investment in the notion of the closed system

There’s no such thing as a non-self-organizing system, only people deluded that they are organizing it.

We do not get to decide whether to be in a self-organizing system, that decision was made 13 billion years ago.

We’re all surfers in a self-organizing world. Some of us prefer the beach, and some of us think we’re in charge of the wave. The challenge is to be in the flow of the wave.

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