Enterprise 2.0 is more than Enterprise 2.0

I found it this morning on David Weinberger’s blog: Euan Semple (responding to a post by Stowe Boyd) about why he does not love the phrase “Enterprise 2.0″: “…it’s too narrow, too corporate and too managerial!”

It’s a name. Not more, not less.
More important is the idea BEHIND the amplification – and on this most of the authors like McAffee, Tapscott and others will agree:

E. Semple: I believe there is a fundamental change in how we do business heading our way. Driven by the networked communication tools flourishing on the web, tools like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, not only how we communicate with those who benefit from our services but also how we organize ourselves to produce them will be changed forever.

What I believe is happening, as more of our society becomes more connected and computing power and bandwidth become pervasive, is the equivalent of the advent of the printing press. …

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