Bruce Duncan on 2B Movie and Transhumanism

Bruce Duncan is Managing Director of Terasem Movement Foundation Inc, The mission of Terasem is to promote the geoethical (world ethical) use of nanotechnology for human life extension. We conduct educational programs and support scientific research and development in the areas of cryogenics, biotechnology, and cyber consciousness. One of their current projects is the movie “2B” – about which I was talking to Bruce.

“2B” will be screened at the Woodstock Film Festival where I am heading to today, The NYTimes had a nice story about it yeasterday …

One thought on “Bruce Duncan on 2B Movie and Transhumanism”

  1. If you read some books about buddhism, reincarnation and past time regression it is hard to foresee how our karma should improve through these materialistic efforts.

    Let’s say the cycle of life needs the renewal of its hardware i.e. our flesh – while our soul i.e. the software is growing and optimizing itself in a new body …

    Although I like the idea – I think it can only reach a certain level of an individualized avatar or NPC (Non Playing Character) but I don’t think that this will be an improvement for the human race in the very final end … compared to real life and reincarnation cycles.

    Anyway … together with Greg Roach I am discussing about theses issues which might end in an interactive project of its own …

    My 5 cents so far … 🙂

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