The Cloud and Collaboration

Another great talk by Stephen Downes. He is working for the National Research Council, Institute for Information Technology, in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada and is specialized in online learning, content syndication, and new media.

I personally love his concept or idea of “critical thinking” in the context of learning … You will find some of this idea in this presentation.

But mainly he describes in this presentation the concept of the internet as a form of global consciousness. He is looking at the idea of human nature as it has traditionally been represented but suggest that a more appropriate model is that of a collection of neurons. With this model he analyses what a global consciousness would look like – not collaboration, as in the organization of a company or a nation, but cooperation, as in the actions of autonomous but interdependent and connected individuals.
Here are the slides:


All the photos in the presentation are taken by Stephen himself in Linz.

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