Unity Drum Trilogy and oneVillage Eco-Partner network

When I was in Ghana 2 weeks ago by coincidence I’ve met Joy Tang from Taiwan. Joy Tang previously a Cisco Fellow has been engaging in a process of building community over the last several years. Core to this process has been the building of the oneVillage Eco-Partner network. This is the result of several years of travel and research. One of her goals has been to create a central space where people can gather and create community, as represented in the Unity Center concept, which evolved from what she learned about Ojishe Houses in Nigeria.

Joy spent 5 weeks with 10 students from Taiwain in Winneba to support oneVillage Winneba (about 1 hour west of Accra). They were setting up a new Wifi and teaching the kids how to use computers.

Joy took me to an amazing event in Jugwa. A very traditional, cultural event – pure Africa: The installment of a new chief in the kingdom of Jugwa. Some videos of this will follow.

During the event Emmanuel Richardson performed with his band Unity Drum. I really loved their dance and drum shows … Here is the “Drums United Trilogy”🙂

3 thoughts on “Unity Drum Trilogy and oneVillage Eco-Partner network”

  1. REPLY:
    Hi Daniel,
    I just read your comment on Ulrike’s blog and I’m very sure you’re in touch with Emmanuel, the drummer. I’ll like to get in touch with him and also arrange for a session somewhere in August when Ulrike is in Ghana. Do you mind sharing his Skype contacts with me? Thanks

  2. Wow, I’m online talking to Emmanuel using Skype from time to time . . . he’s an amazing drummer, love his energy, his spirit!

    I very much look forward to being part of such drumming/dancing events in future!

    Thank you for posting these! 🙂

    Brother Daniel

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